Wood chest, steamer trunk & camel back  trunks are among the most universal and enduring forms of furniture. Not only do they reflect history, but store prized possessions. Anything from the simplest wooden box to an extravagant limited edition leather trunk. Once this piece of furniture is in your family, it will always be a valued heirloom. Every piece is designed with the long-term goal of seeing it become one of your family's treasured vintage trunks, antique trunks or storage trunks.

Chuck and Sherry are ready to help you design your family heirloom chest:

  1. Exterior Trunk Design: Camel Back Top, Flat Top, Waterfall Top, Treasure Chests
  2. Hardware
  3. Interior Trunk Design: Wood, Fabric Lined,  Leather Lined, Cedar Lined
  4. Number and kind of interior tray: Flat Open Trays, Hump Trays
  5. Number of secret compartments
  6. Type of Wood
  7. Color of Stain
  8. Personalization-laser engravings ,metal plates.

    Chuck and Sherry are ready to help you design an heirloom chest that will be in your

    family for generations to come.